Site Clearnace In Preperation For Future Development


Exeter Pinhoe - Complete site cleareance of a site of approximately 200 acre of a shrubbed land, trees and bushes, ready for a large developer occupying the site for a 400 house development.


Mass Group can undertake all measures of Landscaping works from grass cutting, hedge cutting to rhine clearing. We can carryout these works to all sizes for just the one hedge being cut to a mass site clearence of inxcess of 100 acres or more.


No matter the size of the project we will tackle it.


Our large specialist division enables Mass site clearence from areas of dense vegetation purchased for commercial development to a vast woodland or forest areas, our land clearance service is, cost-effective, fast and efficent.


Our extensive land clearance experience and equipment means we can tackle all terrains, regardless of size or complexity even taking on extremely steep inclines, whilst maintaing safety of our workforce throughout.

Our machinery for land clearing includes excavators, tractors, toppers, tree shears, mulchers and chippers. These enable us to drastically reduce clearance times, felling mature trees within a matter of minutes and mulching dense vegetation within seconds. We also have a team of fully qualified tree surgeons and arborists to manually fell trees where required.




Works undertaken by the Mass Group range from a simple hedge cut to extremely difficult land topography, works carried out for the domestic homes alongside commercial trimming and clearing, access and egress of pathways and bridgeways for Local Authorities and National House Builders.



Provision of providing Slow Worm fencing to protect the local reptiles of slow worms and the common lizards in Exeter.


Mass Group will undertake site clearence with minimal disruption to neighbours, residents and clients and will undertake all measure where possible to prevent damage to other forms of wild life in the vacinity. 


We work closeley with and alongside Ecologist and can provide a team of fully qualified tree surgeons and arborists to meet the clients needs.



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